About In Search of Perfect

❤✈ One girl, 33 countries and counting. This, in a nutshell, is In Search of Perfect. It started as a personal blog to capture my travels. I was born in Kazakhstan and grew up in Estonia; United States is my home now. I have been fortunate to travel to many places; the more I traveled, the more amazed I became with the beauty and the perfect imperfection of our world.

Encouraged by readers’ feedback, I decided to expand In Search of Perfect to become a source of inspiration to travel deeper through visually rich media and storytelling.

How does one travel deeper? By going beyond the guidebook and truly engaging with a place to understand its people, heritage, and culture. When I travel, I revel in talking to locals, trying new foods, and participating in everyday activities such as going to markets and coffee shops – all in the effort to gain a deep understanding of a place I am visiting, and ultimately, a better understanding of our world and myself within it.

My mission is simple: to inspire curious people to travel deeper. Are you curious? Do you love to travel? If you believe in this mission and have a story to tell, email me at editor@insearchofperfect.com – I am always looking for more stories to tell from perfect locations around the world.

Until the next time,

In Search of Perfect

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