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Travel destination with a mission to explore, create, inspire.
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About Me

Traveling the World…

❤✈ One girl, 34 countries and counting. This, in a nutshell, is In Search of Perfect. It started as a personal blog to capture my travels. I was born in Kazakhstan and grew up in Estonia; United States is my home now. I have been fortunate to see many places, from the icy forests of Finland to the skyscrapers of Dubai.


Throughout the years on the road, I became convinced that travel should be an important part of a well-functioning society. It opens up one’s aperture to include more of the world in. It cultivates tolerance, diverse viewpoints, and a new understanding of the world around us.


I also learned that many people find traveling hard or are not so interested in it. With this understanding, and with my readers’ encouraging feedback, I decided to take on a mission:


  • To explore the planet and show you that it is easier than you think
  • To create compelling stories that invite you to dig deeper
  • To inspire you to take your own trip

…Is Easier Than You Think.

How do I travel? I go beyond the guidebook and truly engage with a place to understand its people, heritage, and culture. I revel in talking to locals, trying new foods, and participating in everyday activities such as going to markets and coffee shops – all in the effort to gain a deep understanding of a place I am visiting, and ultimately, a better understanding of our world and myself within it.


My mission is simple: to explore, create, inspire. If one person on the planet comes away from this site inspired to book a ticket, then my mission will be accomplished.


Are you curious about the world? Do you love to travel? If you believe in this mission and have a story to tell, email me at – I am always looking for stories from different locations around the world.


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