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The mission starts with exploring the planet. Through travel, our world view expands, leading to tolerance, diverse viewpoints, and better understanding of others.


The mission continues with creating stunning content that captures the essence of places around us. Rich visual multimedia storytelling enables us to share the love for places near and far, creating a sense of wonder. And wanderlust.


The mission fulfills with inspiring you to travel and to engage with the world. Take a chance, book a trip, talk to a stranger, embrace the uncomfortable and the unknown – your life will forever be changed.







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Why an elephant? I first came across these graceful, beautiful animals in the Indian provinces of Rajasthan and Kerala, where they are a part of everyday life. I fell in love with the animal and even took one home – a small wooden replica, that is! The elephant is wise, strong, and kind – all qualities we humans could use a bit more of.

Jumping Alone

Korean Air business lounge is the perfect place to gather your thoughts as you’re getting re...

The Night is Young

My guide Mohammed dismounts his camel, takes off his worn leather sandals and steps on the hot deser...